Public transport

From Buenos Aires city to La Plata

There are two bus companies to travel from Buenos Aires to La Plata: Costera Metropolitana (Line 195) and Plaza (Line 129). The ticket cost is around A$R 39 (pesos argentinos). The travel takes around 1 hour depending on the traffic. Rush-hour from Buenos Aires to La Plata are between 17:00 and 20:00). Unfortunately, both companies only uses the SUBE system ( to buy tickets.  is a contactless smart card, personal pre-pay card, and it is the only way to get the tickets.  In order to travel, first you have to buy the SUBE card, then you have to charge money on it (there are kioscos for that), finally when you get into the bus you pay with the SUBE card and the amount of the ticket is subtracted from your credit.

How to buy SUBE: there are many points in the city. Generally kioscos in the street. You can check SUBE points here:

Where are the bus stops

Route and stops for Plaza:–LRRrcoRJn6I8jL6x4YxY&usp=sharing




Route and stops for Costera Metropolitana:




From Ezeiza and Aeropraque Airports to La Plata

 is the company that offer buses to travel from Ezeiza to La Plata. There are a set of fixed time travels. Booking and questions should be done to La Plata office (Phone +54 221-425-1140, e-mail: There are also a desk in Ezeiza arrivals. It is possible to get a ticket there only if empty places are available.

From Ezeiza and Aeropraque Airports to Buenos Aires city

 offers different alternatives from Ezeiza to Buenos Aires. All of this information could be checked from their web site